"Ozzie:" Bazinga is an 18.1 hand Holesteiner out out of O​zkar that had a very successful first year in the Low Childrens Jumpers and placed in the top 3 places in his first 2 times in the High Childrens Jumpers. He's looking for a more motivated rider/ shower to take him up the levels. At home he schools 4'6 with no problems. Lease options are negotiable and need to stay in house lease. He is the trainer's horse and has a ton of potential with the right rider who will be consistent with him. He placed in the top 8 for the year with under 5 qualifying shows attended. He's shown to be a great babysitter but can jump a rider out of tack as the jumps get bigger.

Acorn is a registered full Welsh medium pony. She's an adorable pony that always turns heads. Having won many year-end Champion and Reserve Champion awards in the big schooling show series, she needs to be kept in a regular work program and needs a trainer to work with her. When in our regular work program, she is a lesson pony and shows in the beginner ring; however, she can't be left without work for long periods and needs a more experienced rider to tune her her up. A lease with Acorn must be in a show barn and she must be showing to keep up her record.

*Note: Our in-barn price is less then out-of-barn and only with approved trainers.


Wishful Thinking (Sonya) - A really sweet 17 yr. old Thb.x Welsh large pony mare who has been there done that. She's quiet, has a good lead change and can do the 2'9 well but more solid as a 2'6 Children's Pony. Hunter. Owner would prefer a full  lease and in house only. Sonya was the WTHJA 2017 Childrens Pony Hunter Reserve Champion and the WTHJA Children's Pony Grand Champion and finished 13th overall for Zone 4 in the Nation.  She is truly a good girl. 





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