Here comes the field!! Following the hounds no doubt on and exhilarating ride on some very happy horses. It's GREAT to be outdoors .

OAK GROVE welcomes riders of all ages and ponies as well. Your never too young or too old to enjoy the outdoors with your favorite people and ponies


Ashley Evans and Ollie foxhunting and preparing for a hard ride through some great territory. So much FUN!!!

At K-J Equestrian we like to promote alternatives to the show ring to make all around riders and horses. If you have time on Saturdays we have a group who love to meet at different places and take beautiful rides through trails and jump in the woods. Now if you want a more exhilarating ride, you can ride in an upper level group and gallop through woods,over creeks and wide open fields chasing the hounds and listening to them sing. If you would like more information please call :

Peggy Hart - (901) 299-5032

If you don't own a horse, K-J Equestrian does offer day leases to take one of our horses as long as Jamie or one of our trainers agrees to the horse and level of riding the rider is at. As always Safety First. 

Oak Grove Fox Hunt.