​January 18-22 St. Louis Winter Series Show A rated

March 3 Schooling Show series awards banquet

March 10 Autumn Chase Schooling show series **

​March 23-24  Meg-Ford schooling show series**

April 7-8 Brownland No Frills Franklin, Tn 

April 12-15 Springtime Encore A rated Germantown

April 8 - Brownland Farms No Frills Franklin, Tn (schooling show Nashville)

April 21 Hunters Edge schooling show series**

April 25-29 - Brownland Farm Spring show II (Nashville) A rated

May 3-6  Memphis In May I A rated Germantown

May 10-13  Memphis in May II A rated, Germantown

May 26 - Oak View Stables Schooling Show series **

June 5-9 - Germantown Charity Horse Show A rated 

June 15-16  Meg-Ford Schooling Show Series **

July 7 Oak View Schooling show series**

July 28 Oak View Schooling show series**

August  24-25  Meg-Ford Schooling show series**

August 31- Sept 2 H/J Classic - A rated Germantown ​

Sept. 15 Oak View Stables Schooling show series**

Oct 6. Oak View Stables Schooling show series**

Oct 5-6 Brownland No Frills Schooling Show Franklin, Tn

Oct. 17-21  Brownland Autumn Country ( nashville) A rated

Oct. 24-28 Brownland Autumn Classic A- Show ( nashville)

Nov 2-3  Meg-Ford Schooling show series**

Nov 8-11  Harvest Time Horse Show A rated Germantown

Nov 17 Autumn Chase Farms Schooling show series**

** indicates definite attendance unless there is a lack of interest from customers
   We will be attending other  out of town shows that will be discussed at a later date

As of now this is the show schedule for the year, but the shows out of town are being planned by the need and scheduling of the clients that are traveling. 

K-J Equestrian 2017 horse show schedule

Our last show of the season and we rocked it!

Alli Gill was our 2016 Year End Rider Champion. Our 6th one so far. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!​​

​Andrea shows such dedication to her horse and her sport

5 Rider Of The Year Awards and counting